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Improve operation rate / Improve ability

Haven’t you often heard of “AI=Artificial Intelligence” lately?

AI is no longer a term in SF movies only and is coming closer to our real world. AI played chess or go with a human and beat him.
AI is applied in self-driving technology of automobiles. Probably, you have already heard such news. 

Why did Pro-face that is an HMI manufacturer pick up this term as a keyword for Industry tech trend?
It’s because we think this AI technology will become important even in a FA industry we engage in. 

Improve quality / Reduce cost / Less wiring and space-saving
GP4100 series is a high-performance model that supports data collection and mobile remote monitoring despite its small size.
 Three installation case examples of compact HMI are introduced this time.

Improve operation rate / Improve ability / Reduce cost
Recently,  “IoT” had been widely known. There’s not a single day when the term, “IoT” is not seen on a news.
Preceded by that term only, customers have trouble imagining a specific effect of IoT and also they think its introduction cost is high. That’s why more customers may not be able to take the first step to adopt IoT.

A purpose of adopting IoT is to make a profit in a plant.
But they don’t want spend a large amount of money on it because its effect is not clear. In addition, they don’t want the equipment to be stopped or defects to be produced.
The point is how it is introduced with a lower cost or in an easier way.

Improve operation rate

"In order to check a state of occurring alarms on a paintline,I have to get changed into my work clothes and enter the site. After checking it, I come out to get tools needed for recovery andgo back. "
- Maintenance staff (Customer's comment) ,Japan

Improve operation rate

"It’s really hard to check problems and change data of robots in a plant located overseas. "
- Maintenance manager (Customer's comment) ,Korea

Improve ability
“I’d like to improve more in design for differentiation from machines manufactured by other companies. That’s why I used high-resolution illustrations and pictures or concentrated on animation to create an HMI screen. But the screen’s response got worse and the screen could not be used.” Have you ever had such an experience?
We will introduce a trick to create a smart screen to those who are in charge of creating HMI screens.

Improve operation rate
Have you ever heard of “UX”?
UX is short for User Experience and it means experience and satisfaction users get when using products or services. The word is often used mainly for applications or Web services, but we think the policy of UX is important also in the field of hardware products.

short-time breakdown

Improve operation rate

" Even short-time breakdown will create a great impact if it is repeated.
I wish I could easily see camera images to identify the cause, but there's an issue of cost. "
- Maintenance manager(Customer's comment), Korea

Improve ability

"I can get even tuning of robots done with the Pro-face's HMI. How amazing! No more device for robots only is required."
-  Maintenance manager(Customer's comment), Japan

Food processing

Improve ability

"Raw materials got stuck in the hopper and its motor broke down. That stopped the production line for a long time. We thought thorough predictive maintenance was needed."
- Maintenance manager(Customer's comment), Australia

Improve ability

"Our plan for new traceablity system has one major problem, it costs a lot to replace the old equipment.
But Pro-face's small units complete our traceablity system in a low-cost way.
- Production engineering manager (Customer's comment) ,Japan

Improve ability

"Because there are lots of oil-mist and dusts on the production site, an ordinary PC breaks down as soon as it is installed."
- Production engineering manager (Customer's comment) ,Japan

Improve quality

"Every time an alarm occurs, I travel back and forth between the PC and the work pieces on the production line. I'd like to make it more effective using a tablet or smartphone."
- Line manager (Customer's comment) ,US